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Connect | Learn | Innovate | Collaborate

Moonbox Productions’ Mentorship Program, ShadowBoxers, provides real-world theater production experience for teens and young adults. A great experience is just a CLIC away.

This program provides each participant the opportunity to:

CONNECT with adult theater professionals, working with them side by side and often one-on-one

LEARN new skills and information

INNOVATE by bringing their own knowledge, talents and creativity to the table

COLLABORATE as a team with the Moonbox production staff to create art!


Each of our ShadowBoxers is paired with a professional member of our staff of directors, designers, technicians, and administrators.  With their guidance, each ShadowBoxer will experience and participate in many aspects of the process of “putting on a show”.  Mentors and ShadowBoxers meet in person at least once before the process begins, and each participant will shadow their mentor throughout the rehearsal, design, and production period, asking questions and getting answers. Periodically, mentors and ShadowBoxers meet at a space outside the theatre or rehearsal hall for more detailed conversations, and typically have a final conversation, after the show has opened, to sum up the experience. 


Participants in this program may be exploring their interests in theater, or may just be curious about seeing how arts and sciences can be applied in the real world.  We seek enthusiastic, motivated learners who are ready to dig deep, and be a part of a creative, hard-working,  and collaborative professional team. All we require is enthusiasm and an inquisitive mind; participants need not have experience in theatre.  What’s important is that they develop an appreciation of the process and value of creating art.


There is no charge for this experience; we only ask that participants pay it forward.  This isn’t Vegas, and what happens here, shouldn’t stay here; we want our ShadowBox alumni to share what they learn with the people they’ll meet throughout their lives, whether or not they pursue a career in the arts.

The program’s core values are:

•    Respect
•    Communication
•    Collaboration
•    Education


This is not an internship, and Moonbox is not treating this as a source of labor. ShadowBoxers, on occasion, assist their mentors by taking notes during rehearsal or participate in other collaborative activities.  The mentorship may evolve into paid employment, which may follow, or be parallel to, the mentorship. If so, program participants are paid at the prevailing rate.

For details, to participate, or to recommend a potential mentee, please email Kara Crumrine, Program Coordinator, at