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Meet Me in the Bathroom

June 20 - June 23



(100 minutes no intermission)

By Cassie M. Seinuk

When notorious bad girl LASER gets her hands on, good girl FRECKLES’ cell phone and posts a questionable picture of this former BFF with their “hot” English teacher, six teenagers and the entire student body is faced with either believing Freckles is innocent or joining the ranks of popular opinion, believing that Freckles is a slut and must be canceled!

When Freckles, a high school junior, innocently shows her friends a selfie of her and their sexy English teacher Mr. Murphy, she unwillingly sets herself into a social and social media tailspin. The dominos begin to fall as mean girl with a grudge, Laser, steals Freckles’ phone and posts the photo online, the school’s beloved English teacher gets fired, and Freckles gets kicked off student government, her ticket to a stellar college application and popularity. Set entirely in the girls’ bathroom of a high school in an average town, six teenagers are faced with decision to stand with Freckles and fall into social suicide, or to save face and join the ranks of popular opinion, believe that Freckles is a slut and must be destroyed!





Start: June 20
End: June 23
Event Categories2023-24 Season, Productions
Address: 539 Tremont St
Boston, MA 02116 United States
Phone: 617.933.8671
Organizer Name: Moonbox