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How to Not Save the World with Mr. Bezos

June 20 - June 23
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(90 mins no intermission)

By Maggie Kearnan

In the near-future fairy tale How to Not Save the World with Mr. Bezos, mysterious journalist Cherry Beaumont interviews an increasingly vulnerable Jeffrey Bezos about the ethics of being a billionaire, and whether the masses gathering outside might deserve a bigger piece of the pie.

A throne of red Solo cups, a pile of teeth, the ghost of Pete Seeger, and a little something for dinner. It’s 2030, and it’s illegal to be a billionaire. Jeffrey Bezos has agreed to give an interview in exchange for information on the federal case against him. But there’s something off about journalist Cherry Beaumont, a crowd is forming outside, and the onstage Fact Checker has a few important clarifications to make. In this near-future fairy tale, the fall of capitalism is about to get very messy.





Start: June 20
End: June 23
Event Categories2023-24 Season, Productions
Address: 539 Tremont St
Boston, MA 02116 United States
Phone: 617.933.8671
Organizer Name: Moonbox