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Moonbox Productions began in 2011, when we raised the curtain for a one-weekend run of Godspell at the historic Brattle Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts. As the band filed in each night, an unusual warm-up act took the stage – guests from a local non-profit called StreetSafe Boston, an anti-gang-violence program of the Boston Foundation. By sharing the spotlight for just a few minutes, Moonbox gave StreetSafe a chance to showcase the amazing work they were doing in our communities – earning them friends and funds from eager audiences moved by their story.  That production became the seed of our company and its unique dual mission – to create exceptional theater using local talent and to connect our audiences with the other non-profit organizations doing wonderful work in our area.  

Ten years and over twenty productions and non-profit partnerships later, Moonbox has continued creating and connecting, building an ever-widening circle of friends, partners and collaborators. Our mission has expanded, too, as we’ve broadened our desire and our ability to educate and include audiences, artists, and activists throughout Boston. 

In 2016 we launched the Moonbox “Shadowbox” Mentorship Program, which provides hands-on theater experiences to emerging creative artists and theater technicians, all at no cost to them. The following year saw our test workshops for “Moonbox U”, an initiative to provide low- and no-cost continuing education and professional development for Boston-area working artists. Moonbox U’s first programs included not only traditional audition workshops and complimentary yoga classes, but also offered interdisciplinary round-tables where theater professionals from all walks of life could connect and share wisdom, with panelists ranging from opera singers to audiobook narrators, video-game music directors to musical theater mavens. After a short hiatus, Moonbox U is picking up steam again in 2021, with more exciting opportunities ahead for artists in Boston and beyond. 

In 2018 we began Turning the Tide, a program designed with a two-part mission of accessibility. Turning the Tide’s first aim is to create more opportunities for theater professionals living with Deafness or disability, whether they’re working on or off the stage. Its second aim is to present  stories of Deafness and disability to a wider audience. We want to prove that not only is compelling theater accessible – but also that accessible theater is, in itself, compelling.   

As issues of social justice and racial inequality rise in our national consciousness, we at Moonbox have responded by broadening and deepening our commitment to anti-racism and community advocacy. Beginning in November of 2020, we have: hired a Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion; assembled an Advisory Board of theater professionals representing BIPOC, Deaf, and disabled perspectives; and developed a comprehensive Anti-Racism Statement that commits us to increasing BIPOC representation at every level of our company.  

In response to the COVID-19 shut-downs, Moonbox has created opportunities for local artists and far-flung “Moonbox alumni” to earn both exposure and income through “Moonbox Homebrews”, pieces featured on our website and in our newsletter. Every Homebrew artist is compensated by Moonbox directly for their contributions, and every artist also has the opportunity to share links for personal fundraising or to request additional donations supporting causes they are passionate  about. 

We’re exceptionally grateful for – and proud of  – the opportunities we’ve had to connect with artists, advocates, and audiences throughout Greater Boston, and we’re also grateful for the recognition our artistic work has achieved on its independent merit. Since our founding, Moonbox has been honored by numerous laudatory reviews and raves from audiences and critics alike – garnering Moonbox numerous IRNE and Elliot Norton Awards ranging from Best Musical,  Best Actor & Actress, to Best Scenic and Costume Design recognitions.

As we’ve hunkered down over the past year, we’ve also found an extraordinary opportunity to focus on one of our long-deferred goals: developing new works by local playwrights.  As part of our Boston New Works Festival initiative, we received more than sixty-five play proposals, from which we have chosen eleven original theatrical pieces by local artists for a year-long intensive workshop process culminating in fully-staged productions. Catch them all at the first-annual Boston New Works Festival at the BCA and Calderwood Pavilion campus in 2022!

Antiracism Statement


At Moonbox, we believe that the stories we tell are important. They sustain and preserve our community, our history, and our values. Telling racially diverse stories allows us not only to reflect – but also to reflect on – the complexities of our past. When we join together in the act of storytelling, we are united in ways that transcend the everyday. Together, we can use the power of storytelling to honor our commonalities, celebrate our differences, and address historical discrimination and injustice. We pledge to take this power seriously, and to use our voices and the stories we tell to dismantle the systemic racism and white supremacy engulfing our culture, our country, and our industry.

We pledge to create an anti-racist culture that resonates not just on our stages, but throughout the communities they support.  We stand in solidarity with our BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color) community. We say with open hearts that Black lives more than matter – they are a crucial part of the fabric of our society and the work we do as artists. We pledge to raise up and interweave diverse voices in all of our endeavors, creating a vibrant tapestry in the art that we produce. 

We pledge not just to acknowledge the crucial nature of this work, but to act on it. At Moonbox, we will:

  • Implement anti-racist practices in both our internal policies and our external initiatives;
  • Intentionally create an anti-racist culture among our staff, advisory panel, and artists;
  • Produce works that truthfully reflect the community around us – both as it has been and as we hope it will become; and
  • Actively monitor what works and what doesn’t, convening at least quarterly to make sure we continue our progress along an anti-racist path. 

We recognize that this will be hard work, and that it is long overdue. We are only beginning to unravel decades of injustice, and we must be steadfast in our commitment to positive change. We will work tenaciously and tirelessly to make sure that everyone – at every level of our organization, and throughout the communities we support – feels that they belong.


Land Acknowledgment

We recognize that the land we live, work, and thrive upon is not our own.  We acknowledge that this land was taken from Indigenous communities that have endured a painful history of genocide and colonization. We will with every production and in every printed program pause to honor the legacy of these people and our shared responsibilities in reconciliation. We invite you to join us as we consider our roles in decolonization and co-conspiratorship.  

This plan is a working document and will be updated often and as necessary. 

This plan is in response to the list if demands by the anti-racism organization #WSYWAT (We See You White American Theatre).


Our Action Plan:

By January 2021, Moonbox will have completed a comprehensive anti-racism policy that we will share widely with our community to affirm our position in dismantling racist practices within our shared theater community. This policy will be a work in progress and will be adjusted accordingly to fit our ever-changing atmosphere.

By February 2021, Moonbox will create a community-member advisory panel whose membership contains at least three to four artists who identify as members of the BIPOC community. This panel will serve as a resource to Moonbox staff, artists and community partners who enter into open dialogues on how we are engaging with all communities and be a voice in helping us implement better practices.  

Initially, we envision panel members serving a one-year term with the option to renew for a second year based on mutual agreement. Ultimately, we will aim for a panel of four to six advisers, made up either of two cohorts of two with staggered two-year terms, or two cohorts of three with staggered two-year terms. 

Each year, Moonbox’s staff and advisory panel will partner with BIPOC community leaders and Non-Profit Partners and engage in dialogue to determine how we can deepen our support in these communities.

At present Moonbox is engaged in bi-weekly courses guided by CELC (Cultural Equity Learning Center) with goals to:

  • Reduce harm towards Black, Indigenous, queer, and trans persons of color (BIPOC | QTPOC), and well as persons of color with disabilities.
  • Increase the skill sets and accountability of white arts and culture sector leaders.
  • Delve into what it means to build anti-racist co-conspiratorship within the sector. 
  • Deeply examine what it means to build anti-racist arts and culture organizations.

By Spring 2021, Moonbox staff will engage in quarterly training including but not limited to implicit bias training, anti-racism in theater training, bystander intervention training, conflict de-escalation training, and harassment prevention training.

By April 2021, Moonbox will implement an orientation and onboarding process for all staff, artists, advisory panel members, contractors and volunteers that includes anti-racism awareness and a zero-tolerance harassment policy. Upon completion, all personnel will be required to sign an anti-racism pledge and zero-tolerance harassment agreement.

As Moonbox grows and opportunities to increase our staff develop, we will intentionally seek out BIPOC applicants and cast our nets in BIPOC-specific networks in the quest to keep our staff diverse and inclusive. 

Moonbox will engage with culturally accurate directors and design staff when producing BIPOC-centered stories. Equally, we will engage with BIPOC directors and designers when producing non-BIPOC-centered stories.

Moonbox will be intentional in selecting and producing BIPOC-centered shows – not only those of the struggle, but those rich in the accomplishments and success of the BIPOC community. These productions will make up 50% of our season.

Historically, we acknowledge that we have fallen short in the following and we commit to changing that by:

  • Increasing our BIPOC artists by 25% in 2021, with the goal of at least 50% BIPOC artist representation in each production by December 2022.
  • Increasing our BIPOC musicians by 25% in 2021 with the goal of at least 50% BIPOC musician representation in each production by December 2022.
  • Increase our BIPOC design/production staff by 25% in 2021 with the goal of at least 50% BIPOC design/production representation by December 2022.

Moonbox will be intentional in our marketing.  We will commit to seeking ways to share our productions with the broader community.  We will increase our BIPOC audience attendance by 25% in 2021 with the ultimate goal that everyone is welcomed.

Moonbox will deepen our engagement with BIPOC Non-Profit Partners; these BIPOC partnerships will make up 50% of the Non-Profit Partners for each season.


Elmer Martinez

Elmer Martinez

Collaborative Arts Coordinator

Founder of Soul Stew and an interdisciplinary working theater artist, poet and dancer. Born in Lowell, MA he developed in the spoken word and street dance communities before completing his BFA in Theater Studies focused on Lighting Design with a minor in Dance.  Post grad Elmer went on to work between Boston and New York as a freelance lighting designer and technician in local theaters, off Broadway and...

Phil Tayler

Phil Tayler

Director of Marketing and Communications

After years of artistic collaboration, Phil Tayler (He/Him/His) has been named Director of Marketing and Communications for Moonbox Productions. Phil is grateful for the opportunity to #CreateCommunity with this unbelievable organization...

Sharman Altshuler

Sharman Altshuler

Producing Artistic Director

Sharman Altshuler is Producing Artistic Director and founder of Moonbox Productions. A practicing veterinarian for 15 years, she had a serendipitous collision with the world of theater in 2011 which led to the founding of Moonbox and, in time, the hanging up of the stethoscope.

Allison Olivia Choat

Allison Olivia Choat

Associate Artistic Director and Founding Partner

Allison Olivia Choat (she, her, hers/ they, them, theirs) is an IRNE and Elliot Norton award-winning theater artist whose work lies at the intersection of direction, design, and physical storytelling. She is honored to be Associate Artistic Director of Moonbox Productions and Founding Partner of the company...

Davron S. Monroe

Davron S. Monroe

Director of Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

Davron S. Monroe is a Boston based award winning singer and actor with vocal talents that run the gamut from Opera to Musical Theatre, gospel to jazz and everything else in between. Davron is the 2019 recipient of The Elliot Norton Award for Outstanding Musical performance in Breath and Imagination...

Regina Norfolk

Regina Norfolk


Regina Norfolk founded RNCommunication, LLC, a public relations and special events company, in 2006 and has been the Publicist for Moonbox Productions since 2015. Throughout her career, she has worked extensively with public and private companies to spearhead successful launches and ongoing campaigns...

Kailey Bennett

Kailey Bennett

Covid Compliance Officer (21'-22' Season)

Originally from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, graduated from Bowdoin College in 2014 where she studied Visual Arts and Earth and Oceanographic Sciences. Since moving to Boston, she has worked professionally as a stage manager and properties designer with Boston area opera and theatre companies including, Moonbox Productions, Company One, Guerilla Opera, Odyssey Opera, the North End Music and Performing Arts Center, Boston Baroque, and Wheelock Family Theatre. As a person with epilepsy...

Jo Williams

Jo Williams

Production Manager

Jo Williams is a full-time lecturer at Tufts University in the Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies department where she teaches and mentors the stage management and production management students. In the summer she enjoys working with all the young students in the Children’s Theatre program at Tufts...

Kara Crumrine

Kara Crumrine

Director of Community & Accessibility Initiatives

Kara, a DeafBlind Intervenor for Northeast Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, came to Moonbox six years go to help implement and coordinate the company's Community Initiatives.

Advisory Council

Patrick “Pax” McCarthy

Patrick “Pax” McCarthy

Patrick “Pax” McCarthy has quite extensive experience coaching theatre interpreters in American Sign Language since 1985 at various Boston theatres....

Arthur Gomez

Arthur Gomez

Arthur is a Boston raised and based Actor, Director, and Collaborator. As a creative, he’s worked with a wide range of theatre’s in the New England area and as a collaborator he’s been lending ideas and assisting a multitude of companies and groups...

Kira Troilo

Kira Troilo

Kira Troilo has been working as a choreographer and performer in the Boston area since she graduated from Emerson College in 2008. She recently received an Elliott Norton nomination for her choreography for Moonbox Productions' recent production of Parade...

Elizabeth Yvette Ramirez

Elizabeth Yvette Ramirez

Elizabeth Yvette Ramirez (she/her) is a professional Stage Manager and small theater director. She was the Artistic Director of the Calliope Project Theatre (2011- 2014) and got involved in local arts activism after their regular venue, the Factory Theatre was closed...

Damon Singletary

Damon Singletary

Damon Singletary is a Boston-area-based actor/playwright. He previously appeared in Moonbox's production of Target Practice as part of the 2015 Boston Theater Marathon.


NOW CASTING: Queens by Kai Clifton

CASTING: QUEENS by Kai Clifton
Directed by Kai Clifton, Dramaturgy by Pascale Florestal
Seeking the Roles of LEROY and LEROY’S DAD in Queens.
Kai Clifton’s “QUEENS” is a story about four queer black men living in Queens, New York City. Through storytelling that combines poetry, rhythm, song and drag. The audience follows Sky, Bobbi, Alex and Adrienne as they discover all the juiciness adulthood has to offer. Amid it all, “they claim their masculinity and femininity, confronting societal pressures without apology.”
Seeking– LEROY: 13 years old. Black and/or of the African Diaspora
Young boy who lives in Adrienne’s apartment building and gets kicked out by his parents due to him wearing nail polish. Innocent and ahead of his time.
LEROY’S DAD: 40’s/50’s Black and/or of the African Diaspora. Leroy’s abusive father.
How to audition: for LEROY Please film and submit the SCENE attached to the breakdown. For LEROY’S DAD you may submit a monologue selection of your choosing. Submissions should be sent to kaiclifton2678@gmail.com. Please include “Queens casting- LEROY (or) LEROY’S DAD” in the subject line and note any conflicts during the rehearsal period in your email. (Beginning on or around June 1, performances June 23-26th, 2022)
Audition Deadline: Videos must be submitted by midnight on Sunday, May 8th.
Pay: $200/week non-AEA
LEROY: (a little nervous) Mom?
LEROY’S MOM: Yes, baby? (beat) You look shaken up, is everything okay?
LEROY: I’m just confused about something.
MOM: What is it? Is it math again? You know, i wasn’t the best at it myself back in the day, but i can try
LEROY: (interrupting)The kids at school are bullying me.
MOM: Again?
LEROY: Yeah.
MOM: Hmm. Is it because of me and your dad, like before? I told you not to worry about that. Sure me and your dad may be older than most kids parents your age, and we may look differently than you, but adoption is a beautiful thing i thought you knew that
LEROY: It’s not because of you and dad!
MOM: Oh. (thrown off) so then what is the reason?
LEROY: (showing his fingernails with polish on them).
MOM: (examining his fingernails) you’re wearing nail polish. (beat) you’re wearing nail polish? I don’t understand. (Beat) I don’t understand.
LEROY: I like wearing it. A lot, actually. (beat) Sometimes it’s hard for me to put into words how i feel on the inside. So i don’t know exactly how to say it or describe it, but when i put on nail polish…i feel more like the person i am on the inside that i sometimes feel like i can’t fully be. Even though it’s just an accessory, a very pretty accessory. It makes me feel more like…me. (beat) mom?

NOW CASTING: Prince and the Painter


Moonbox Productions is holding Non-Equity auditions for its upcoming Boston New Works Festival workshop
production of The Prince & the Painter, a new musical by Kelvyn Koning and Rebecca Wright with
development dramaturgy by Jessica Scout Malone. The production will be directed by Rudy Ramirez.

In Fidan, where magic has vanished and hope is bleeding out, a young artist and his friends discover that
the terrifying secret he’s running from could hold the answer to their country’s future. Can they unravel
the realm’s mysteries together before time slips through their fingers? A new musical about growing your
roots, queer joy, and embracing your destiny set to a jazz, folk, and Golden Age Hollywood sound.
Rehearsal Timeline: Rehearsals begin on May 27th. We will rehearse approximately 15 hours per week.
Performance Dates & Location: June 24-26, times TBD. Calderwood Pavilion at the Boston Center for
the Arts.

How to Audition: Please submit a 1 minute monologue & a 1 minute selection from a song of your
choice (jazz or folk songs preferred). If you would like, you may submit an additional song selection of a contrasting style. Submissions should be sent to submissions@moonbox.org. Please include “The Prince& the Painter Casting” in the subject line and note any conflicts during the rehearsal period in your email.

Audition Deadline: Videos must be submitted by midnight on Sunday, May 1st.
If May 1st has passed, and you are interested in being considered, please reach out to Rudy Ramirez at arramirez@umass.edu

Callbacks: Callbacks will be held in person on Saturday, May 7th. Specific times TBD.

Rehearsals begin June 1. Exact schedule will be available soon. We will rehearse no
more than 15 hours/wk and rehearsals will be late afternoons and evenings. Some
weekends possible. $200/week, Non-Equity.

The Prince & the Painter
Book and lyrics by Rebecca Wright (she/her)
Music and lyrics by Kelvyn Koning (he/they)
Directed by Rudy Ramirez (they/them)
Dramaturgy by Jessica Scout Malone (she/her)

Music Director TBD

Actors are encouraged to audition for any track whose characters’ identities they feel confident

We specifically encourage BIPOC performers to audition, and our goal is to cast a majority of
tracks with BIPOC performers.

Actor 1 – Countertenor or high tenor. Early-mid 20s.
YLBER SASSOUN: A small-town artist who arrives in the capital with a big heart, big dreams, and a
terrifying secret. he/him.

Actor 2- Baritone. Early-mid 20s.
JOS HAROUTUNIAN/PRINCE JOVAN ARTASHES IV: The carefully incognito Crown Prince of Fidan
who has big plans to put things right. he/him.

Actor 3- Soprano. Early-mid 20s.
ELIRA BUKUROSHE: A lively, friendly, up-and-coming film starlet who brings sunshine into any room.
Kiswar’s fiancée. she/her.
QUEEN JOVANAARTASHES III: The savvy, insightful late queen of Fidan. Archelaos’s wife, Jovan’s
mother. she/her

Actor 4- Mezzo. 20s-30s, Middle Eastern.
KISWAR AL-HAKIM: A woman of few words who has an ocean of tenderness behind her quiet exterior.
A nurse, Elira’s fiancée. she/her.

Actor 5- Soprano. 40s-50s.
EVA SASSOUN: Ylber’s mother. Still hopeful despite immense grief and loss. she/her.
DR. EMINA SAFRAN: The director of the Royal Research Hospital in Thesar. she/her.

Actor 6- Alto/Contralto. Mid-late 30s, Black.
MARAL SASSOUN: Eva’s wife, Ylber’s other mother. A Sleeper. she/her.
MADAME DUWANA ZEFI: An energetic, visionary film director who is engaged in a fight against
censorship. she/her.
JAZZ SINGER: A charismatic singer at the hottest dance club in the capital. any pronouns.

Actor 7- Mezzo. 50s-60s.
GRANNY BUKUROSHE: A kind, nostalgic woman who has never fully dealt with her losses. Elira’s
grandmother. she/her.

Actor 8- Voice part TBD. Early 20s.
ALIENAAL-HAKIM: A young woman who has been Asleep for almost her entire life. Kiswar’s sister.
THE GIRL: A terrifying creature who haunts Ylber’s dreams.

Actor 9- Tenor. 20s-30s.
VITTORIO: A snobbish film star with a finely tuned sense of politics. he/him.
ARCHELAOS DA ELBAS: A loving, loyal man. Jovana’s late consort, Jovan’s late father, Duke da
Elbas’ late son.

Actor 10- Bass. 40s-50s.
DUKE DA ELBAS: A prominent member of the politically powerful Council of Regents. Manipulative
and lacking in morals, Archelaos’s father. he/him.

Actor 11- Voice type TBD. 40s.

MILO MURATI: A grumpy, exceedingly particular art director. he/him.
All tracks will also play assorted ensemble parts.

NOW CASTING:  Sister School (A new musical)

Moonbox Productions is holding Non-Equity auditions for its upcoming Boston New Works Festival
workshop production of SISTER SCHOOL, a musical by David F. Coleman, directed by
Maura Tighe, with music direction by David F. Coleman.

SISTER SCHOOL is set in an historically all-girls institution, founded in the 19 th century.
Ada is a new student at the school. We follow her, the other students, the teachers, and
the administration as they are faced with the questions about the relevance of same-sex
education in history and in contemporary society.  SISTER SCHOOL is a musical that
highlights both the excellence of song and the difficult experience of discovering your

Rehearsals begin June 1. Exact schedule will be available soon. We will rehearse no
more than 15 hours/wk and rehearsals will be late afternoons and evenings. Some
weekends possible. Rehearsals will culminate in 3 performances happening in the
Roberts Studio Theater at the Boston Center for the Arts June 23-26, 2022 (TBD
days/times). $200/week, Non-Equity.

If you are interested in auditioning, please submit 16-32 bars of 2 contrasting,
contemporary musical theater songs and a 1-2 minute contemporary monologue. If you
are auditioning for a specific role, please sing something in the specific range and tone
of the character, as described below. Videos must be submitted by May 6, 2022.
Callbacks will happen via Zoom the week of May 9-13.

Submissions should include “SISTER SCHOOL” in the subject line and be sent to submissions@moonbox.org

A Musical in Two Acts
By David F. Coleman
Directed by Maura Tighe
Musical Direction by David F. Coleman

Ada- This role has been cast

Melanie – alto/belt (solo Ab3-Bb5) “I hate this school!” Mel is not pleased to be at the Victoria
School. She is a legacy student and is forced to attend by her parents and grandparents. She
consistently finds the negative in everything about the school, though secretly she longs to
make the school experience her own. Her friends tolerate her cynicism because they
understand she didn’t get to choose to be there. Age 17-18

Cadence – soprano/mix (solo Db4-Bb5) Always caught saying things slightly wrong, Cay is
comic relief. She is artistic and enjoys the freedom to create at school but has found herself in a
clique with Mel. Age 15-18

Sophia – soprano/mix (solo C4-Eb5) – Sophie likes science, unlike her peers. She is always
talking about science, looks forward to science classes, and can’t wait to be a scientist.
Knowing full well that it is a male-dominated field, she feels being at an all-girls’ school is the
best environment to prepare her for a career in science without any distractions. However, she
also questions her decision and finds herself in a clique with Mel. Age 15-18

Emma – alto/belt (solo Ab4-Bb5) Not one for words, Emma keeps to herself and gets through
each day. She actually wants to speak and share, but never quite feels comfortable keeping up
with the fast social scene at the Victoria School. Secretly being treated for clinical depression, rather than be embarrassed or get caught up in silly social drama and politics, she chooses to
not participate. When she finally does, she regrets it. Age 15-18

Elizabeth Fuller – soprano/mix (solo C4-Eb5) New Social Studies Teacher and Victoria alum,
Elizabeth is a graduate of The Victoria School. Elizabeth has returned to her alma mater in
order to serve one year as a full-time teacher as part of research for her PhD, gathering
information about the strengths and struggles of same sex education. Age 30.

Eleanor Friedan – soprano/mix (solo C4-Bb5) Longtime Head of Victoria School and Victoria
alum, Eleanor embodies the pride of the institution. However, we soon learn that the school has
a low enrollment, and the Trustees are recommending the school become co-ed. She is
opposed to the idea, and fights to ensure the legacy of the all-girls’ school. Age 60.

Charles – (non-singing role) Chair of the Board of Trustees. He is fighting for the Victoria
School in his own way – making it co-ed! His mother and the Head of School were classmates.
Age 40.

Ensemble – choral parts S1, S2, A1, A2 as needed (G3-Ab6)
Ensemble Member 1 – Student/Ada’s Mom/Teacher 2
Ensemble Member 2 – Student/Mom’s Friend/Charles’ Mom
Ensemble Member 3 – Student/Admissions Director/Trustee 2
Emsemble Member 4 – Student/Teacher 1/Trustee 1


Part-time position

W2 Employment

Salary $15,000 – $24,000 (determined by work experience and references)

Dates of Employment: June 1, 2022 – June 1, 2023

Approximate Hours/week: 5-25 (see below)


Applicants: Please submit resume and three references to EMPLOYMENT@MOONBOX.ORG


Moonbox foresees the 2022/2023 season as comprising:

  • 3 main stage productions (Late summer, winter and spring)
  • The Second Annual Boston New Works Festival (September 2023) – involves periodic readings and workshops throughout the 2022/2023 season
  • Ongoing Community Arts Collaboration activities such as Moonbox U and the Breaking Bread Project, among others
  • A public fundraiser, date TBD, during the 2022/2023 Season


Including but not limited to:

  •  In consultation with Producer, manage all hiring of design, technical, management and overhire personnel for all productions/activities, including scene shop.

Primary liaison with equipment rental companies/production-related vendors

  • Build, share and manage production calendars for all productions/activities
  • Conduct weekly production meetings during production periods
  • Participate in weekly core staff meetings
  • Participate in Moonbox mentoring program for support and training of emerging artists
  • Support and facilitate  interdepartmental communications during productions
  • Support and help facilitate and maintain  company storage organization/inventory

Time Commitment

Approximately 25 hrs/week during Mainstage production periods (approximately 30 weeks/year)

Approximately 5 hrs/week between mainstage production periods

Weekly 1-2 hr Staff meeting

Posting, interviewing and, in consultation with Producer, hiring of design, technical, management and overhire personnel

Participation in local/regional theater job fairs on behalf of Moonbox (Approx 6 days per year)



Part-time position

W2 Employment

Salary $15,000 – $24,000 (determined by work experience and references)

Dates of Employment: June 1, 2022 – June 1, 2023

Approximate Hours/week: 5-25 (see below)


Applicants: Please submit resume and three references to EMPLOYMENT@MOONBOX.ORG


Moonbox foresees the 2022/2023 season as comprising:

  • 3 mainstage productions (Late summer, winter and spring)
  • Ongoing Community Arts Collaboration activities such as Moonbox U and the Breaking Bread Project

One or more “Found Space” projects in the Greater Boston Area



Including but not limited to:

  •  On-site management of all design, technical, and overhire personnel for all productions/activities,

Assist in the vetting and hiring of scene shop and scenic build personnel

Assist Production Manager with communications and management of equipment rental companies/production-related vendors

  • Participate in all weekly production meetings during production periods, and daily production meetings during tech
  • Participate in weekly core staff meetings as requested by Producer
  • Participate in Moonbox mentoring program for support and training of emerging artists

Provide/manage resources for all production-related trouble-shooting during production period.


Time Commitment

Approximately 25 hrs/week during main stage production periods (approximately 30 weeks/year)

Approximately 5 hrs/week between main stage production periods

Weekly 1-2 hr Staff meeting

On-call assistance during productions for trouble-shooting

Moonbox commits to providing a safe, collaborative, and respectful workplace for all employees and contractors. Learn more about Moonbox’s code of conduct here: MOONBOX Employee Handbook

Are you about to come on board? Please don’t forget to fill out your Acknowledgment Form