COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

September 19th, 2023

Although COVID-19 transmission has eased nationwide from its historic peak – and the advent of vaccines and treatments has reduced the incidence of severe disease – the virus continues to circulate in our community, and continues to pose a significant health risk to many.

As a Company, we at Moonbox consider it our duty to monitor the local COVID-19 landscape, and respond as needed with safety protocols to best protect the health and safety of our staff and our audiences.

For many of us, catching COVID-19 may only result in mild or limited symptoms. However, for many in our community, even those who have been vaccinated, COVID-19 continues to pose a significant health threat, especially those who are very old, very young, or immunocompromised.  

To ensure the safety and comfort of our staff and our audiences, Moonbox is committed to proactively instituting COVID-19 safety protocols when community transmission rates suggest an ongoing or increasing incidence of the virus.  

Staff protocols include masking of all off-stage employees, COVID testing cadences for all staff and the requirement that all of our staff be vaccinated against COVID-19.  For our audiences, we always recommend masking to prevent disease transmission, and may require masking when needed. Moonbox will always ensure at least one performance per week requires masks to accommodate our audiences who are at greatest risk. 

Remember– the health you are protecting is not only your own.  It is also that of the person sitting next to you for whom COVID-19 may pose a severe health risk. 

Let’s take care of each other. This is how we #CreateCommunity.