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Moonbox Productions presents Schoolhouse Rock Live!

About the Show:

Schoolhouse Rock!, which aired on TV from 1973-1985m came about after a parent noticed his son could remember the words to songs on the radio but not his multiplication tables. By pairing music and animation with educational information, Saturday morning cartoons helped children across the country learn the preamble to the U.S. Constitution, that “and”, “but” and “or” are conjunctions, how a bill becomes a law and more!

Schoolhouse Rock Live!, the stage show based on the popular songs, was created in 1993 in Chicago and was wildly popular. A few years after the show’s success, the creator of the show made a school touring version which ran for 20 years in the greater Chicago area. Now New England has a Boston-based company that can travel to your school or event and make your favorite Schoolhouse Rock! songs come to life!

Who is the Show For?

The show is geared towards kids and families. Elementary schools are our most popular audiences, but the show can be performed at family events, in libraries, at children’s museums and any place where there are people aged 3 to 103!

How Long is the Show?

The show is approximately 45 minutes long and includes Schoolhouse Rock! favorites “I’m Just A Bill”, “Conjunction Junction”, “Interplanet Janet”, “Interjections!” and more. At the end of the show we can do a 5-10 minute talk-back with the audience upon request.

How Do I Prepare for the Show?

We bring the costumes, props, set and music. We arrive at the venue about an hour before the show. The only things we need from you are:

  • A space to perform (theater, gymnasium, cafeteria, etc.)
  • Access to an electrical outlet
  • A small table and a few chairs
  • A room for the actors to change into costume

How Many Kids Can Be in the Audience?

We cap our school audience size at 300 kids. The show is interactive and we try to talk to, high-five and dance with as many kids (and sometimes teachers too!) as possible. Larger elementary schools can do two shows: one for K-2 and a second for grades 3-5.

What Else Do I Get?

After booking a show we will send you a study guide that includes multiplication, grammar, science and history activities for teachers that support what Schoolhouse Rock! songs teach, a “how to be a good audience member” guide, a worksheet for the kids to tell us what they liked about the show, and a crossword puzzle related to the songs!

How Much Does It Cost?

Please contact us for a quote. There are several factors that determine cost and we want to give you the best price possible. Discounts are available for booking two or more shows in the same location on the same day. Prices for shows are typically just a few dollars per kid and, because we come to you, you don’t have to worry about permission slips, chaperones or transportation costs.

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