Abilities Dance

Abilities Dance is centered on disrupting antiquated beliefs and promoting intersectional disability rights. Our performing company consists of adult artists with and without disabilities that represent a variety of diverse identities within and outside of the disabled community. They consist of dancers/choreographers, musicians/composers, costume designer, audio descriptions editor, CART interpreter, and more. They perform in prestigious venues such as the MFA, Peabody Essex Museum, Boston University, and more to challenge who gets to be represented on stage and show various aspects of what bodies can do, what intersecting identities can manifest in this work and how the work can show the next generation and others what they’re capable of. Our community engagement work consists of teaching movement workshops and/or lectures on disability culture, intersectionality, workplace culture, and more to foster conversations on how we can improve both spaces to increase equity. We have taught in spaces such as Harvard Graduate School of Education, McLean Hospital, Fidelity Investments, and more. The goal is to not just talk about specific dos and don’ts but to think about what the organization needs and how they can increase equity to attain their goals. Our education program also teaches students with or without disabilities to learn ballet/contemporary/modern technique and learn about the next generation of dancers.

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