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1st (ever!) Boston New Works Festival

June 23, 2022 - June 27, 2022
$25 – $125
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The Boston New Works Festival VIRTUAL PROGRAM!

  • for the fish by Surrey Houlker

    The Plaza Black Box Theatre Friday, June 24th – 8pm Saturday, June 25th – 8pm Sunday, June 26th – 3pm

    ‘for the fish’ sets out to explore the experience of growing up alienated and queer in the countryside. How can we find (and keep) safety as queer people? What even is ‘safety’? Do fish have feelings? Somewhere deep in rural Massachusetts in the 70s, 13-year-old Susanna goes fishing with her Uncle whenever she gets bored. Or overwhelmed. Or terrified. Susanna’s big heart and quick temper keep her precariously perched between normalcy and disaster. Her Uncle, grappling with their addiction and Susanna’s math homework, finds themselves caught up in this wave of teenage turmoil. As 1974 comes to a close, Susanna and her Uncle draw closer, bonded by an understanding very few in their town will ever hold.

    Directed by Shira Gitlin

  • Sister School (a new Musical) by David Coleman

    Roberts Studio Theatre Friday, June 24 th – 8pm Saturday, June 25 th – 8pm Sunday, June 26 th – 3pm

    Sister School is a musical that explores the world of an all-girls high school whose time may just be up and the girls who will sing their way into the hearts of all who have ever asked the question, “is this the place for me?” “I hate this school!” echoes through the halls of the Victoria School for Girls, one of the oldest single-gender institutions in America. Can a new student, a returning alum, and the head of school change the narrative to show us that single-gender schools are relevant? And will they be open to recognizing other genders?

    Directed by Maura Tighe

  • The Prince and the Painter (a new musical) by Rebecca Wright & Kelvyn Koning

    Martin Hall Friday, June 24th – 7pm Saturday, June 25th – 8pm Sunday, June 26th – 3pm

    In Fidan, where magic has vanished and hope is bleeding out, a young artist and his friends discover that the terrifying secret he’s running from could hold the answer to their country’s future. Can they unravel the realm’s mysteries together before time slips through their fingers? A new musical about growing your roots, queer joy, and embracing your destiny set to a jazz, folk, and Golden Age Hollywood sound.

  • Silt by Gabby Simone Preston

    Deane Hall Friday, June 24 th – 7pm Saturday, June 25 th – 5pm Sunday, June 26 th – 7pm

    Silt is a play about an impossible conversation about unconscious racial violence and how it changes relationships. In an imagined world without accountability, both author and audience confront reality together. Will they – and will the characters – choose acknowledgement or ignorance? Silt offers a challenging and cathartic experience of racial conflict that is at once poetic and disturbing.

    Directed by Gabby Simone Preston

  • Late (a new musical) by Kathleen Cahill & Michael Wartofsky

    Roberts Studio Theatre Thursday, June 23 rd – 7:30pm Saturday, June 25 th – 4pm Sunday, June 26 th – 7pm

    Two weeks after a school shooting, nine teenagers return to class.  In a theatrical style reminiscent of Our Town, they try to piece together the fragments of their last ordinary day together.  With a contemporary sound inspired by musicals like Dear Evan Hansen and Spring Awakening, Late explores the students’ interconnected stories as they wrestle with identity, social pressure, love, grief, and memory.

    Directed by Bridget Kathleen O’Leary

  • Queens by Kai Clifton

    The Plaza Theatre Friday, June 24 th – 8pm Saturday, June 25 th – 4pm Sunday, June 26 th – 5:30pm

    Queens is a play about four queer black men living in New York City. Through storytelling that combines poetry, rhythm, and song, we follow Sky, Bobbi, Alex, and Adrienne as they discover all the juiciness adulthood has to offer from careers to friendship, love, and sex. Amid it all, they fight for their masculinity, confronting societal pressures without apology.

    Directed by Kai Clifton

  • Rocky Relationships by Catherine Giorgetti

    Deane Hall Thursday, June 23 rd – 7:30pm Saturday, June 25 th – 6:30pm Sunday, June 26 th – 4:30 pm

    Rocky Relationships is a movement play about relationships. As tides shift and waves crash, they push and shove the rocks on the beach into new and unexpected places. As we descend to see life through the rocks’ ever-shifting perspective, we gain a new insight into the ways in which we, too, drift in and out of each other’s lives.

    Directed by Katie A. Clark

$25- SINGLE TICKET (Valid for any one performance, any showtime)

$50- DAY PASS (Valid for all performance, any single day- see up to 3!)

$125- FESTIVAL PASS (Valid for all performances, all days! Do you have what it takes to see EVERYTHING?!?)

Pay-What-You-Wish– Pay as little (or as much) as you wish for a DAY PASS for any given day.  (PWYW Tickets are available IN-PERSON at the Box Office and valid for SAME DAY use.  No advance PWYW sales.)

In June, Moonbox will close out is season by hosting its 1st Annual Boston New Works Festival. In the past year, Moonbox Productions pivoted from normal operations to launch this new initiative dedicated to cultivating new works by local artists. In response to its request for proposals in the fall of 2020, Moonbox received sixty-five submissions from local playwrights. From these sixty-five proposals, a diverse panel of judges chose nine original theatrical pieces. Throughout this coming year, the selected submissions will be part of an extensive workshop process that will culminate in staged productions at the festival June 23-26th, 2022, at the Boston Center for the Arts AND The Calderwood Pavilion.


Surrey Houlker – For the Fish – Directed by Shira Gitlin

Kathleen Cahill & Michael Wartofsky – Late, A New Musical – Directed by Bridget Kathleen O’Leary

Kai Clifton – Queens – Directed by Kai Clifton

Catherine Giorgetti – Rocky Relationships – Directed by Katie A. Clark

Gabby Simone Preston – Silt – Directed by Gabby Simone Preston

David Coleman – Sister School – Directed by Maura Tighe

Rebecca Wright & Kelvyn Koning – The Prince and the Painter – Directed by Rudy Ramirez

Start: June 23, 2022
End: June 27, 2022
Cost: $25 – $125
Event Categories2021-2022 Season, Productions
Address: 539 Tremont St
Boston, MA 02116 United States
Phone: 617.933.8671
Organizer Name: Moonbox